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by Chase I want people to read a story where LGBTQ+ characters are normalized. CW: Suicide ——- I watched Jay stare at the Manhattan skyline

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by Lexington Rivera The title of this story was inspired by how one’s love can be so rooted into them but also tied heavily into

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The What:

The Art of Me publication is a creative platform for young people to express themselves, unfiltered, and to constructively reflect on issues affecting them.

The How:

We support young people in identifying their voice through various forms of art (storytelling, filmmaking, photography, music, etc…).

The Changemakers:

Follow us as this platform marks the beginning of our journey as we collaboratively identify resources to find the space and place to create positive social change.

To find out more about our work, programs, and film competition please visit To contact us about the publication please email us

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