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About “The Effects”

The Effects is a film about Rosa, a teen, who is forced to make a difficult decision when her father, Hector, a hard working Guatemalan is threatened with deportation.  

Written by Rosemary Gramajo Quiñones from Facing History and Ourselves New Tech, Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Live Premiere

Art of Me presents the LIVE premiere of The Effects on Saturday, September. 12, 2020 at 5:30pm EST.

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The film premiere will be followed by a live panel discussion with community leaders.


About “The Unstoppable”


Unstoppable is a short story written by Julianna Greenidge. She wrote the story as part of her 11th grade English assignment.  The story is inspired by Julianna’s real-life battle with anxiety and how she struggled to express her feelings to her family and friends.

Lily, an introverted teen, begins questioning her faith in God and her sexuality as she develops a crush on her classmate, Alex. As the two girls become closer, and Lily’s feelings develop, she becomes sicker and sicker. After throwing up a flower, she seeks help from her mother who reveals to her that she may have inherited a disease called Hanahaki, which is formed out of unrequited love. Lily must make the choice to remove the flowers and her love for Alex or allow them to consume her.

Written by Brooklyn Collaborative Studies Student, Lexington Rivera

Directed by Mary Evangelista

Agonizing Harmony audio file written by Tanjin Abulrahat.  Tanjin is a student at Brooklyn Collaborative Studies. Special mention to his teacher, P-hill Grubler, for helping him with his story. 

Voiceover by: Jana Dagdagan