Educate. Create. Change.

Art of Me educates students and adults on social norms that are preventing the progression of our societies. We value sharing stories and creating works of art  to transcend these conversations beyond the classrooms and onto a global platform to catalyze change

How do we do it?

Professional Development

Working in collaboration with schools, communities and employers to challenge social norms and build relationships.

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Film & Arts Integration

Creating new media that reflects the lives of youth in our communities to inspire change. Read More >>


Publishing the voices of our communities to challenge stereotypes. Read More >>

Why Social & Emotional Learning?

In the largest SEL study ever done, school-based programs improved student-school bonding, reduced delinquency and aggression, and decrease anxiety and stress. ~Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

School Success

Kindergarteners with stronger social and emotional skills are more likely to graduate from high school and college and have stable, full-time employment while being less likely to commit crimes, and have drug , and alcohol problems.

Media Literacy

Media Literacy education has been proven a highly effective tool in addressing a variety of public health problems faced by young people.


A comprehensive research report identified the five critical skills most likely to increase success in the workforce: social, skills, communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making (problem solving skills), self-control and self-concept. These are taught in SEL curricula.

Story writing Competiton

What does Power & Community mean to you?
If you write the winning will be made into a movie in your community!

“#Unfiltered stories are the threads that bring us all together."

~Steph Wahome-Lassiter


The Unstoppable is a short story written by Julianna Greenridge. It follows an eccentric teen, Lottie who is struggling with anxiety and depression. It pushes her to the very edge, to the point where she feels she has no choices.

What is Power & Community?

Many of us have identities that have been shaped from being a part of many micro and macro communities.  Some of these include but aren’t limited to a sports, special interest, work, school, city, family, race, culture, online, gender, neighborhood, social group, socioeconomic community.  Some of these communities have positively inspired us and some have negatively impacted our lives.  These same communities will either help or effect the success of the lives of us or our families. This curriculum and workshop series will help youth and adult participants explore…
Who are you and who do you want to be in your community?



Workshop Series

Our Vision

All forms of local and global media will equally value everyone's story instead of only the "single story".

Our Mission

Educate. Create. Change

We believe

#Unfiltered stories are the threads that brings us together and challenge social norms.

We would love to hear from you!

Youth Publication

Stories that answer the question, who are you and who do you want to be?



by Chase I want people to read a story where LGBTQ+ characters are normalized CW: Suicide ——- I watched [...]



by Lexington Rivera The title of this story was inspired by how one’s love can be so rooted into them but also [...]


Joy Doesn’t Mean Joyful

-- Emily is a student at Brooklyn Collaborative Studies Special mention to her teacher, Dwight Jennings, for helping [...]

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