The curriculum engages students to critically think about who they are  and who they want to be in their community. This not only helps in the development of self identify but gives reasoning to use agency towards civic engagement to improve communities youth call home. The curriculum is aligned with CASEL Social Emotional Learning competencies (see below), and the highest standards of statewide learning standards for English Language Arts.

Purchase a Curriculum: $200. Purchase includes 1 curriculum book, activities, worksheets and 12-month subscription to online community.

Professional Development & Training Workshops

Workshops are available for your company, school or community organization.

Art of Me’s workshops challenges participants to identify who they are and who they want to be in their work, school or home community. Community is defined as any group that includes two or more persons that share a common interest, goal or location.  As we explore communities, participants begin to analyze what it means to them, how they are or are not active participants and what their role can be to move their communities forward. We believe everyone is here for a purpose and through community building all members will live in a safer, more productive and purposeful learning community.

  • Self assessment
  • Practicing communication to identify commonalities of share values, fears and goals.
  • Working together to identify individual strengths towards creating a productive community
  • Identify social norms and social constructs that are impeding growth in the school or work community.
  • Practicing new skills to share with team members and further develop ones on social emotional development
  • Discovering new resources to continue the social emotional development and interpersonal relations among peers.
  • Communicate with online community to develop new ideas and build relationships.

After experiencing a workshop in our series, participants will learn new ways to be an active participant in team and community development.

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