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Art of Me
Art of Me

Art of Me promotes human rights, healthy relationships and community connectedness for young people through an interdisciplinary curricula that enables them to tell their
unique stories and perspectives through writing, film and art.


Educate. Create. Change.

Art of Me educates students and adults on social norms that are preventing the progression of our societies.
We value sharing stories and creating works of art to transcend these conversations beyond the classrooms
and onto a global platform to catalyze change.

Our Vision.

All forms of local and global media will equally value everyone’s story instead of only the “single story”. 

Your story has the power to change the direction of someone else’s story.

Professional Development

Collaborating with schools, communities and employers to challenge social norms and build relationships.
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Film and Arts Integration

Creating new media that reflects the lives of youth in our communities to inspire change.
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Publishing the voices of our communities to challenge stereotypes.
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Educators, Get Involved


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